The ancient kingdom of Kathmandu is the holy place where gods and people lives side by side.  Almost in every little square and even courtyard there are sculptures or symbols of divine reality. Gods also live in the form of man. Kathmandu has its own living goddess, she lives in palace next to the royal one. Shrines and temples stands side by side to each other. In the Durbar (royal) square alone there are not less than 17 temples.

But the ancient city is so earthy at the same time. Merchants, craftsmen, farmers do their business in the manner like ages ago. There is modernity too. Continuous buzz of power generators and motorbikes in the narrow streets, fancy clothes, CD’s of western music, internet are inseparable part of the picture.

Countless combinations of ancient and modern manifests everywhere in Kathmandu and never stops to amaze. The city never stops to show up its many faces: quirky, funny,crazy,mind-blowing and beautiful.