Republic of Artsakh, also known as Nagorno Karabakh, is historical region in the Lower Caucasus, de facto independent state. It’s territory squashed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, each of them claiming their rights to this land. Artsakh is closely linked with Armenia which is also the sole Artsakh’s gate to the world. Dramatic landscape of the country is saturated by culture heritage and natural beauty as it’s long history is full of wars and conflicts. Perhaps the constant threat caused the locals to cherish their traditions and strong sense of identity. Today Artsakh sees no real hostilities, country is open to the tourism. Local people are warm and hospitable. But the wounds from the last war are healing slowly – perhaps there is no family unaffected by the conflict. Thousands have been forced to flee their homes and the country’s only civilian airport, opened after reconstruction in 2011,  still awaits it’s first flight, like the hope of permanent peace.