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Rytis Kurkulis, cinematographer, LAC


Years of experience in visual storytelling


I work as director of photography and camera operator in feature films, documentary and all kinds of audiovisual production.

I feel good as a part of big crew as well as one man band.

Rytis Kurkulis, LAC

Latest work

Mažas didelis stebuklas

Little Big Mirracle

Family, 72 min., 2021, Dublis production, LRT

Tree opera

Tree Opera

documentary, 53 min.2020, studio Tanka

Everything, Nothing and Something Else

comedy/drama, 80min.,2020, Filmai LT, The Martini Shot.

Gate to Heaven

Drama, 90 min.,2019 Fish Eye Art Foundation, ArtBox

100 metų kartu - rež. Edita Kabaraitė, DOP Rytis Kurkulis

Together for 100 years

Documentary, 74 min., 2018, ArtBox

Emilija iš Laisvės alėjos

EMILIJA (Emilija iš laisvės alėjos)

Drama, 120 min., 2017 Fralita films, Ulvyds

Where I've Worked / Filmography

Director of photography:

Camera operator:

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